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The AIR Summit was created in 2013 to facilitate the discussion of innovative trends and challenges facing the institutional investment management industry, particularly ACTIVE investors.  Leaders in investment management are searching for new sources of alpha and leveraging emerging ideas before becoming mainstream.  Join leading innovators at the industry’s most unique event – the AIR Summit – where we will continue to cover the evolving landscape and surface the companies helping industry leaders advance alpha innovation. 


Twenty AlphaTech companies will be unveiled at the event where they will present their innovation in short pitches.


AIR Summit 6.0 will be held in New York City on June 13th, 2022


AIR Summit London 2019

AIR Summit London 1.0 - May 2019

CEO CHAT: AIR's Stephenson Discusses Initiatives & Buy Side Tech

AIR Summit 4.0 - September 2018

Buy-side Fintech, 5 years later

AIR Summit 4.0 - September 2018

Asset Managers Embrace Fintech

AIR Summit 3.0 - December 2016

Third Annual AIR Summit a Success

AIR Summit 3.0 - December 2016

Changing Technology, Finding Alpha

AIR Summit 2.0 - March 2015


Second Annual "Alpha Innovation Required" Summit a Success

AIR Summit 2.0 - March 2015

Alpha Innovation Required - The Inaugural Conference

AIR Summit 1.0 - March 2014

A Breath of Fresh AIR

AIR Summit 1.0 - March 2014


“It really was a differentiated conference and was by far and away the best conference I have been to in years, if not the best ever.”


“I think you pulled off something really special”


“We have been contemplating a lot of implementations around using big data and visualizations and to have an opportunity to focus on it and hear so many experts has been a tremendous value.” 


“Thanks for the invite on the AIR Summit.  Great event.  Time well spent.  Clearly you put a lot into getting this event right, and it showed.”


“This is the type of event that provides vision into how I want my trading desk to look over the next few years.”


“Robert Noyce once said, after inventing something huge relating to the silicon processor,  ‘it shakes you up, gets you out of the rut, and thinking in a new way’.  That's how I personally felt about your Summit.”