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December 1-3, 2020

Select Keynotes and Panels:

  • Securing Cyberspace: A Global Imperative for Government and Industry

    • ​Niall Brennan, VP, Global Head of Strategic Security Partnerships & Engagement @ SAP

  • Driving Alpha in Investment Management with AI, Robotics, and RPA technologies

  • Building and Engaging Talent for the Investment Process of the Future

  • Investing in Culture to Drive Innovation and Efficiency in Investment Operations

  • A paradigm shift in data management: How to achieve greater business agility with data as a service?

    • ​Guillaume Rondy, Head of Data Management, APAC @ SimCorp

  • How to Boost Revenue Growth and Improve Client Relationships Through Digital Client Engagement

    • Sarah Prior​, Global Client Communications Strategist @ SimCorp

  • A Bird's Eye View on FinTech

    • ​Dushyant Shahrawat, Director, Strategic Insights & Advisory @ Rosenblatt Securities

  • Heads of Innovation Speak – Opportunities & Challenges for 2021 and Beyond

  • Adding Alpha through Outsourced Trading Technology

  • The Business Case for Operationalizing Data & AI Ethics

    • Reid Blackman, Founder & CEO @ Virtue Consultants​


Company Presentations (10-minute segments):

Finding Alpha in Portfolio Construction and Risk Management

Emerging companies discuss how they are impacting alpha generation throughout the portfolio construction and risk management processes


Finding Alpha in Investment Implementation and Research

​​Emerging companies discuss how they are impacting alpha generation throughout the investment implementation and research processes 


Finding Alpha in Investment Operations

Emerging companies discuss how they are impacting alpha generation through improved workflow and investment operations

Finding Alpha in Cyber Security, Surveillance, Regulatory and Compliance Operations
Emerging innovators discuss how they are preserving alpha with robust security, regulatory and compliance operations

All content digitally delivered & ON DEMAND. 




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