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London 1.o Presenter: Dr. Darko Matovski

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CEO Name & Email: Dr. Darko Matovski,

Company HQ Location: London, UK

Company Stage: Growth Stage

Funding Source: Venture Capital

Year Founded: 2016

Number of Employees: 11 full-time + growing 1-2 per month

Brief description of the company and use case for products:

At causaLens we build the next generation of predictive technology for complex and dynamic systems. It is the most advanced technology for forecasting fast-moving systems like financial markets. 


How is the product delivered:

 We have 4 products:

    1) User Interface for non technical users - democratizes the use of AI for time-series predictions

    2) API product used by data science professionals and automated processes 

    3) Autonomous discovery of alpha in data

    4) High frequency data predictions (suitable for market makers and high frequency trading firms)

Typical users: Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Economists, Data Scientists and Autonomous Processes

Brief description of core differentiators:

•Specifically designed for dynamic systems (e.g. financial markets where regimes shift)

•Fully autonomous (including data cleaning, signal generation, model selection etc.)


        1) millions of predictive models vs handful

        2) autonomous evaluation of data

•30x faster and 40% more accurate than closest competitor and open source alternatives 


Expected product enhancements over next 12 months: new user interface, access to novel sources of data


Notable Clients:

•Quantitative Hedge Funds

•Discretionary Hedge Funds

•Tier 1 Banks

•High Frequency Trading Firms

•Data Providers



Typical Cost or Pricing Structure: License fee

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